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This video shows great step by step directions for building your own Washers Board.  This is a board with a hole in it, and a small backboard in the back.  The boards are also carpeted to reduce washer bounce.

Materials Used

  • TOP- 17X17 (1ea), w/ 3 inch Hole
  • SIDE- 17X5 (2ea)
  • SIDE- 15X5 (1ea)
  • BACK BOARD- 17X12 (1ea)
  • Compound Cement and Brush.

Uploaded by iworkforbudlight on March 23, 2012

This video covers three main topics for Disc Golf.  Conduct of players, equipment, and rules of play.

Conduct Rules

The video discusses rules including: Only throw when it’s safe. Don’t be a distraction to other players. Don’t litter or smoke. Order of play.


The video quickly mentions to use approved PDGA disc, and discs without any modifications.

Rules of Play

The video covers a variety of topics.

Throw the disc, and continue to throw until reaching the basket. Keep score of the number of throws. When teeing off, throw from within the area, be on the tee pad.  Remember to mark your lie. Use the mini disc in front of the previous spot, and throw from behind the marker disc.

Obstacles. They are part of the course, no moving obstacles. If the disc is in the bush, you must throw from that area.  Casual obstacles are items such as debris, animals, vehicles. Moving these objects is generally okay.  If disc lands above ground, play from that spot at ground level.

Out of Bounds. Move the disc back in bounds, and take a one shot penalty. Do not play from out of bounds.

Lost disc. Stoke penalty, and play from previous lie.

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Uploaded by eHowSports on Nov 2, 2009

A very descriptive video to help teach you how to play Ultimate Frisbee. This video goes in to information about the game, throwing styles, release, and tips, and more.

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Uploaded by Misscere on June 8, 2008

Kubb can be one of the harder games to explain.  This great video shows how to create and play the game Kubb.  Instructions show the game pieces needed, setting up the playing area, and then they go through a sample game of Kubb, giving a great example of the rules in a gameplay situation.

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Uploaded by februarleija on Jun 7, 2010

This fun video gives you basic rules for Bocce, set to music. Step by step instructions show you how to play Bocce.

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Uploaded by EatDrinkYum on Nov 10, 2010

Quick video that goes through the basics of Disc Golf.

Topics Discussed

  • Object.
  • Throwing types.
  • Basic Rules.
  • Penalty Strokes.
  • Scorecard.

Uploaded by eHowSports on Nov 9, 2010

This video explains the rules for the tossing game Mölkky. This video shows you how to keep score in Mölkky, as well as the setup and pieces used for game play.

Uploaded by marblesthebrainstore on Jun 26, 2011

This video describes the rules for playing Ladder Golf. Similar to the Ladder Toss that we show on this site, Ladder Golf is a fun tossing game, that is great for tailgating and backyard BBQ’s with the family.

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Uploaded by ZapposHowTo on Nov 4, 2009

This video will show you the rules for setting up and playing a game of Washers. Topics covered include the object of the game, rules, how points are scored, game setup, and more.

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Uploaded by 100brennans on March 23, 2010

This short video gives some basic rules for Ultimate, also known as Ultimate Frisbee. The video is very basic, but covers some of the more important rules for the game.

Uploaded by expertvillage on Jan 19, 2008