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Beer Frisbee Game information

Whether you call it, Beersbee, Beer Frisbee, Beersby, or Beersbie, it’s a very fun outdoor drinking game.

It’s easy to get started playing Beer Frisbee. All you need is 4 players, 2 poles, 2 empty beer bottles, and a frisbee or 2. Played as a true drinking game, each player should also be holding an open beer at all times!

The game requires at least 2 people, but is best played with 4. The objective of the game is to knock a beer bottle off the opposing team’s pole either by direct hit, hitting the pole, or just tripping up your drunken opponents. The defenders aim is to prevent the bottle from hitting the ground while at the same time catching the frisbee, and not spilling any beer.

Beer Frisbee Rules

DOWNLOAD Beer Frisbeer Rules

***DOWNLOAD Beer Frisbeer Rules***

Print out your own set of Beer Frisbee instructions.


2 posts, pipes, or ski poles, placed 25 to 40 feet apart.

  • around chest height
  • distance varies, go with what works best based on your players.

Place an empty beer bottle (or can) atop each pole.

  • Other, similarly sized objects will work.

Each team of 2 stands behind one of the poles.

Game Play

Players take turns throwing the frisbee, trying to knock the bottle off the opponents pole.

  • teams alternate turns throwing and defending
  • each team gets one throw per turn, team members alternate turns throwing
  • a team may only score when throwing

Players must stay behind their pole during defense and offense.

  • The pole is considered the fault line
  • Frisbees caught before breaking this plane are considered goal tending
  • Defenders cannot attempt to prevent the frisbee from striking the pole or bottle.

Frisbee must pass or make contact with the bottle and pole before it can be caught. (no goal tending)

  • Either team member may catch the frisbee
  • Points are scored if receiving team does not catch the frisbee

Frisbee must be within a catchable area.

  • NOT lower than “knee high” of the opposing player at the point it crosses the fault line.
  • NOT too high so that it is uncatchable or that a jump is needed
  • NOT too far to either side where more than one step is required to catch it.

Throws that are outside the “catchable area” are considered a “scratch” or Out of Bounds.

  • No points are awarded and the next player throws

(Optional)  Throws that are thrown intentionally hard may also be considered un-catchable or bad sportsmanship.

If the bottle is hit, the receiving team must attempt to catch it before it hits the ground.  (See Point Scoring below)

(Optional)  You must have a drink in one hand at all times.

  • aka, the “Beer-In-Hand Rule”
  • For non-drinkers, a can of soda will work.

POINT Scoring

Games are played to 21. Must win by 2 points. Only the throwing team may score points.

There are several scoring combinations.  Points are redeemed by catching either the Frisbee, the bottle, or both.

Point Values

  • Zero Points: Uncatchable Throw :: Frisbee is Caught
  • One Point: Frisbee is Dropped
  • Two Points: Frisbee hits the pole, knocking the bottle off. Neither Frisbee or Bottle are caught.
  • Three Points: Frisbee hits the bottle, knocking it off the pole.  Bottle and Frisbee Hit the Ground.


  • ZERO POINTS:  Frisbee hits pole, knocking off the bottle.  BOTH the Frisbee and Bottle are caught.
  • ONE POINT:  Frisbee hits the pole, knocking off the bottle.  Opposing team is able to catch the frisbee, but not the bottle.  One point is scored.  The caught Frisbee redeems one of the two lost points.
  • ONE POINT:  Frisbee hits the bottle, knocking it off the pole.  Opposing team catches both the Frisbee and the bottle.  ONE point is still scored.  One point is redeemed for the Frisbee, and one point is redeemed for the caught bottle.

Alternate Game Rules

The Beer Frisbee game can also be played with 2 frisbees.  Playing with 2 discs allows both players a turn to throw in each round.  Frisbees should be thrown one at a time, though, not at the same time.  The rest of the regular rules apply.

Drinking Game Rules

  • No Drink in Hand / Dropped Drink ( optional )
  • Spilled Drink – defense or offense ( optional )

Game is played to 21 points. Must win by 2.
Played as a drinking game, the losing team members must finish their drinks!

Make Your Own Beer Frisbee Game

Beer Frisbee is one of the easiest and most affordable games that you can make for yourself.

What you’ll need:

2 – PVC poles, approx 5′ long
1 or 2 – Frisbees / Throwing Discs
2 – Beer Bottles or Cans

Making the Game

The only thing you’ll need to do to get the game ready is to prepare the PVC pipe.  Cutting an angle at the bottom will make it easier to stake into the ground.  It’s also very helpful to have a rubber mallet on hand during gameplay, to re-stake the poles.

Several sizes of PVC can be used. You’ll want to pick a size that is sturdy, and easily balances a bottle or can.  In windy situations, a little bit of tape can help the bottle stay atop the pole until it is hit by a frisbee.

Preparing the Bottle.  While not necessary, you may wrap your bottle in tape to keep it from breaking, and make it easier to catch.  When playing with cans, you’ll want to make sure to have a steady supply around, as they crush easily when caught.

DOWNLOAD Beer Frisbeer Rules

***DOWNLOAD Beer Frisbeer Rules***

Print out your own set of Beer Frisbee instructions.

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