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How to Play Kickball

Kickball Game Kickball is a playground game and competitive league game, similar to baseball. Kickball may also be known as kick baseball, base soccer, foot-base, soccer-base, or soccer-baseball.

It is essentially baseball where players kick the ball to bat it instead of using bats.

What You Need

  • 2 Teams – Usually 8-11 Players per team
  • Kickball – Approx. 8.5″-10″ inflated rubber ball.
  • Playing Field: 3 Bases, Home Plate, and a Pitcher’s Mound – Baseball/Softball fields are best. Any large area with “bases” will work.

Kickball Rules

The game is typically played on a softball diamond with a 8.5- to 16-inch (250- to 400-mm) inflated rubber ball. As in baseball/softball, the game uses 3 bases, a pitcher’s mound, and a home plate.

Kickball rules generally follow baseball or softball rules, except that the Pitcher rolls the ball toward Home Plate instead of throwing it.  The Kicker (Batter) kicks the ball (as opposed to striking it with a bat). If the ball goes into fair territory (between first base and third), the Kicker runs toward first base, becoming a Runner.  Runners proceed from base to base (First, Second, Third), and each runner who reaches Home Base earns 1 point for the team.

The Kicker must reach First Base before being tagged by the ball or having the Ball reach the Base (a Forced Out).  Any kicked ball that is caught before bouncing is also an Out for the Kicker.  Runners must reach each base without being touched by the ball, having their destination base tagged.  More on Outs below.

An inning consists of 3 Outs for each time.  One team Kicks, while the other plays the field.  After 3 outs, they switch so that the opposite team is kicking.


Three Strikes is an Out.  Strikes are a pitch that enters the Strike Zone, but is not kicked, or an attempted kick that is missed by the Kicker.  Foul Balls do not count as Strikes.


Four Balls sends the Kicker to First Base.  A Ball is one of the following:  A pitch that does not enter the Strike Zone where a kick is not attempted. A pitched ball that does not touch the ground at least twice before reaching the kicking box.  A pitched ball that bounces over a foot high at any time after being pitched.


Four Fouls is an Out.  Fouls never count as Strikes  Foul balls are one of the following:  Any ball kicked outside of the First or Third base line.  Any ball that crosses the First or Third base line before getting to either plate.  A kick made on or above the Kicker’s knee or touched more than once by the Kicker.


Three Outs ends the half of an inning, at which time teams switch who is Kicking & Fielding.  An Out is one of the following:  A count of 3 Strikes or 4 Fouls.  Any kicked ball that is caught by a Fielder. A Ball Tag on a base where the Runner is forced to run. When any Runner is tagged with the ball before reaching a base, or when a Runner comes in to contact with the Ball in any way, while not on base.  Any runner not on a base when the ball is kicked is also Out.

Misc. Additional Rules

One Base on an Overthrow.  If a ball is thrown to a base in an effort to get a runner out, is not caught by the Baseman, the runner may only advance one base.

Throwing the Player Out.  Teams may play that the Fielding Player may throw the ball directly at the Runner in an effort to get the player Out, as opposed to tagging the Runner.