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Ladder Toss | Ladder Ball Game

Ladder Toss, Ladder golf, Bolo Toss, Polish Horseshoes, hillbilly horseshoes, Hillbilly golf, Redneck Golf, Ladder Ball, Monkey Balls, or Ladder Ball, is a lawn game for 2 to 4 people. The game is played by throwing a bolo, made of two golf balls connected with a rope, at a 3 rung ladder. Different rungs of the ladder are worth different amounts of points. The top rung is worth 3 points, the middle is worth 2, and the lower rung is worth one. The goal of the game is to get exactly (and not over) 21 points.

Ladder Toss is a great game that is easy to play, and it’s fun for all ages. The ladders are made entirely of PVC pipe, and can be made very easily with nothing more than a saw. The bolos require additional effort to make, but can be purchased through ebay, or a variety of other sources on the internet. Given it’s affordable price, Ladder Golf is a must for your next tailgate party, backyard BBQ, or camping trip!

Ladder Toss Rules

DOWNLOAD Ladder Toss Rules

Have the rules with you when you’re ready to play. Click the download button & print the Ladder Toss instructions found on this page.


Top Rung = 3 Points
Middle Rung = 2 Points
Bottom Rung = 1 Points

Score is determined very similarly to Cornhole, where points cancel each other out.

If you score on a rung and the other team or person scores on that same rung, the points are canceled.

Example: Team 1 puts 2 bolos on top rung, it is 6 points, but team 2 puts 1 bolo on the same rung, it cancels out 3 of the 6 points.

Play up to 21.

Alternate scoring variation

All balls that land in the base of the ladder can be scored one. The first rung can be scored 2, second rung 3, and top rung 4. This is helpful with younger players, and can help the game move along a little faster For the one-pointers landing in the base, only one ball must be inside the area. The exception to this is a shot that lands both balls on the outside of the frame with just the rope on the inside of the ladder area. This is the only shot that counts for a point without any ball inside the base area.

Game play

Set Up

  • Place the Ladders 15 to 21 feet apart
    ( Adjust the distance, accordingly. Shorter for younger players is fine )
  • Each team will have 3 bolos. ( different colors for each team )
  • Players alternate throwing one bolo at a time until all 3 are tossed.
  • Ladder Toss can be played with 2 people or in 2 teams of 2.
    ** For two people, both stand at one end and toss the balls, then move to the other end for the next toss.
    ** If you are playing with 2 teams of 2, 1 person from each team will stand on each side.

How to make the ladders

Download FREE Ladder Toss Game Building Plans Make your own Ladder Toss game. You can download instructions by clicking the download button to the right.
**This information is for making both structures.

What you need to make ladders

  • 44 feet of 3/4″ PVC pipe ( or 1″ PVC)
    ** you’ll generally buy 5, 10ft pieces
  • 12 L connectors – 3/4″ elbows
  • 12 T connectors – 3/4″ tees
  • saw or pipe cutter
  • PVC glue ( optional )

Cutting the PVC pieces

  • Cut 14, 2ft pieces of PVC pipe
  • Cut 16, 1ft pieces of PVC pipe
  • Cuts can be made with the cutting device of your choice.
    ** hand saw, table saw, jig saw, etc.
  • Rough edges from cuts can be lightly sanded, if you choose.

Assembling the PVC Pieces

  • Connect the cut pieces with the T and L (elbow) connectors
  • The 2-ft pipes will be used for the back footprint as well as the ladder rungs.
    The front footprint doesn’t need to be as long as the back because all the force is coming from the front. (A footprint is what is holding the game up)
  • No need to use PVC glue. For tranport, it’s easier to have the option of disassembly.
    ** Some people will glue everything together except for the base to ladder connection. That leaves to pieces of similar size, easy for hauling.

How to make the Bolos

Making the bolos

  • You will need 12 golf balls. Paint 6 one color and 6 another color.
  • Drill a hole going through the center of each golf ball.
  • You will need 6 – 18inch pieces of nylon rope.
  • Thread the rope through the holes that you previously drilled.
  • Place a golf ball at each end of the rope.
  • Tie a knot right in front of and behind the ball to hold it secure.
  • Use a match or a lighter to slightly melt the knot. This will help the knot stay tied.
    ** If you made your holes a little big, you may want to wind the rope through the knot twice to make the knot a little bigger so that it won’t pull back through the holes.

PDF Download | How to Build a Ladder Toss Game**Download intructions to make a Ladder Toss game.
Directions created by Outdoor Game Players

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Ladder Golf

The Original Ladder Golf game is similar to the Ladder Toss game that we show on this page, only much better.  Ladder Golf is made from quality materials, and the ladders and bolos are professionally made.  If you want the best, buy Ladder Golf!

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