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Squareball is a great yard game that can be played with game pieces you may already have!

Squareball was developed by the “Brothers Jenne“, as the first ever Open Source lawn game! What does that mean? It means that you can play it as is or change the rules to your liking. You can even derive a totally new game and tell your friends.

The creators of the Squareball game were kind enough to tell us about Squareball, and even post the rules and information here for you on Outdoor Game Players!  Thanks guys!

Game Setup

Items required to play:

  • 6 – Bocce Balls :: 3 of each color.  Other balls may be used, but Bocce Balls tend to work the best.
  • 1 – Minimum 10′ x 25′ Playing Area.  A larger area makes for safer and more enjoyable game play.
  • 4 – 7′ ropes/strings/straps.  Used to create the square target area.
  • 1 – 13′ rope/string/strap.  Used to mark the throwing box.
  • 8 – stakes To hold down the rope/string/strap to the ground.


Trap your opponent’s balls in a triangle formed by your three balls, and generally score more points than your opponent.

The first player to reach or exceed 15 points wins the game and is declared the winner.


Create a Playing Area as shown below.  The Square should be 7 feet by 7 feet, and should be 12 feet from the throwing area.  See the graphic below.

  • There are two players or two teams.
  • To see who will throw first, each player should toss one ball into the square.  The player who throws the ball nearest to the front edge will play first.
  • The game is played in rounds.  Players alternate tossing 1 ball at a time from the Standing Area into the Square.
  • Once all six balls have been tossed, the round is over and the points for that round are tallied.
  • The player with the highest score for that round subtracts his or her opponent’s score for that round from his or her score and adds the difference to his or her total score.  See more on scoring in the next section.
  • Only one player earns points each round. If both players score the same number of points neither player adds points to his or her total score.
  • The player that won the previous round tosses first.
  • If your ball does not land in the square it is out-of-bounds and out-of-play for that round.


There are 5 main ways to score.

  • 3 Points – For each enemy ball captured in your Triangle.
  • 2 Points – For each ball that ball that avoids capture from the enemy’s Triangle and V’s.
  • 2 Points – For landing a single ball between 2 enemy balls.  Only works if enemy lands 2 in the square to your 1.  The “2 vs 1” rule.
  • 1 Point – For each enemy ball captured in one of your V’s
  • 1 Point – For each ball landed in the Square.

Points are Scored by Cancellation

At the end of each round, each player or team will count their points.  The difference of the two scores is the number of points earned for the round.

For example: In a given round Player A scores 5 points and Player B scores 2 points. Player A will add 3 points to his or her total score.

Ways NOT to Score

Neither player lands any balls in the square

Both players or teams land the same number of balls ( 1&1 or 2&2 ) in the square.

More Squareball

The original rules for Squareball can be found on the Squareball Blog.  Squreball is meant to be an open source game.  Try it out, see what you think.  Like some rules but not others?  Let us know here in the forum, or comment to the specific area on the Squareball blog.