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Toss Some Washers!

Washer Toss is a great game for parties, backyard BBQ’s, family events, the park, or tailgating. Washer games have many different variations. You can play however you want! Main variations of Washer Games include 3 hole washers, 1 hole washers boxes, 1 hole platforms, washers “pits”, and even a 5 hole version of washers! The variations in the game are what make it great, and WasherGamePlayers.com is a great place to get all of your Washer game information.

Washer Rules

There are several types of Washers games that people play, but we’ve listed rules for the most popular versions below. The you can find even more information on the Rules page at washergameplayers.com.

Forum: Three Hole Boards:
Rules for the Washers Game using a 3 hole platform.

Forum: One Hole Boards or Boxes:
Rules for the Single Hole Washers Game.

Forum: Washer Pits:
Rules for Washers Games played using a Pit.

Gastonia Washers Rules:
shared by forum member Mattador

Build Your Own Washer Games

3 Hole Washer Board Building Instructions 3 Hole Washer Board Instructions

Very detailed, step by step instructions to help you build a set of 3 hole washer boards.

Nesting, 3 Hole Washer Boards Nesting, 3 Hole Washer Boards

Our instructions for 3 hole washer platforms. These boards can fit together to make a slim set to take on your travels.

Square Washers Boxes | Basic Square Washers Boxes | Basic Specs

How to build square washer boxes. Our one-page version with pictures and washers box measurements.

Square Washers Boxes | Advanced Instructions Square Washers Boxes | Advanced

Full Washer Game box building directions. The full washers box building process, from start to finish.

Additional Washer Game Resources

The Washer Players Community is a great place to find Washer game rules, building information, photos, and more. Need help? Ask a question in the forum!

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